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903/50 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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  • We understand in the importance of sustainability for our environment and focus on adopting eco-friendly products and practices amongst our core competencies. Led by an approachable and practical management team, our staff is frequently trained across all business aspects from new product application to regulated work safety procedures.

  • As we have progressed, so too has the industry. We are continuously working towards innovating our processes to ensure efficiency through the latest systems and procedures. Through extensive research and development, we guarantee we keep ahead of industry news and breakthroughs to maintain our reputation as being innovative and professional. 

  • Our services are site-specific; as we recognise that every business or organisation has differing preferences and requirements. Through our years of experience, we have worked closely enough with clients across industries to understand the importance of customising our approach to meet the demands of varying residential, hospitality and corporate spaces. When it comes to cleaning, it’s clear there is a love-hate relationship. People love a clean place, but not so much the process. Weon, the other hand, love it! Cleaning is our enthusiasm, and while taking pride in the final outcome, we enjoy the process just as much. 

SK Solutions Group is a Sydney based company, founded with a passion for servicing the commercial cleaning industry with a high-quality, superior service. With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our objectives, we aim to provide a rigorous and extensive solution for business and industrial spaces using state-of-the-art technologies, specialized Eco-friendly chemicals and systems.