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Our professional floor cleaning services includes stripping and sealing. This is ideal for getting sparkling and gleaming floors, and aims to deliver surfaces as spotless clean as they were from the beginning. With floors being subject to frequent stomping, they can quickly and easily lose their shine through natural wear and tear. In most cases, especially with more frequent foot traffic, this is inevitable. For this reason, it is important to maintain upkeep at frequent intervals.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

As industry professionals, we also provide floor cleaning services for commercial
buildings also, such as offices. Our commercial floor cleaning services include:

- Timber floor cleaning and polishing
- Tile floor cleaning and polishing
- Concrete floor cleaning and polishing
- Additional surface cleaning and polishing


Clean floors add to the overall appearance of an area which undoubtedly leaves a good
impression, especially for staff and customers or clients. Hiring a professional for floor
cleaning has major advantages including:

- Greater knowledge about how to tend to different surfaces and the type of restoration
they are in need of

- Use of more effective cleaning products and state-of-the-art technology to get the job
done sustainably, efficiently, and effectively

- Less stress on trying to repair or maintain yourself, but leaving it to an experienced
professional to complete the stripping and sealing service

- Guarantee that a high level of care and attention are being placed into the task

- In work environments such as offices, a cleaner environment benefits employees and
employers by contributing to higher levels of productivity and efficiency. It also takes the
strain off employees having to undergo the cleaning themselves

- A longer lasting outcome and appearance following the completion of the service.
We also offer further tailored services. Contact us to find out more about floor cleaning
services for your home or business.

How do Floor Stripping & Sealing Services Work?

Whether engaging a professional business for floor polishing, stripping, sealing or cleaning, the service is about restoring floors to their original appearance. The method in which this is done is through the use of wielding powerful equipment to remove every imperfection. This is followed by buffing to reinstate that extra shine and give off a nice glossy finish. As opposed to floor restoration which involves grinding and polishing, floor stripping and sealing is for more worn surfaces, as the process is a little more intricate and rigid.

Floor Restoration

Using our state-of-the-art Italian made Klindex machines. We offer floor restoration services second to none. We understand that the nature of floors can be easily diminished or tarnished, which is why we work hard to reinstate floors to their original condition- making them appear good as new. Grinding and polishing areas can vary from material to material like being as tough as concrete or as delicate as marble, but our competency allows us to work with any finish and deliver quality outcomes every time. The process in which we carry out this operation is convenient, speedy and cost-effective.


We pride ourselves on providing on-time, professional quality and care for all the work we do.


We are there when you need us and we get the job done to the highest level of quality and consistency.


The flexibility that comes from being a family business means we are available when you need us and highly responsive to all clients.


We build quality into our company at every level and take proactive approach to ensure this is delivered on-site.

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